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Why pay a monthly support fee?

The Trinity Web Hosting Basic Monthly Support Fee ensures that you will get the support you need for maintaining and updating your site and it guarantees that your site will continue to have the basic maintenance and protection to keep it up and running for years to come.


What does the Basic Support Package Include?

  • Domain, hosting, and email management.  You never have to worry about renewing your domain or hosting, it's all included.
  • Daily Backups to a separate server.  We want your data always safe and available.
  • Regular upgrades for Joomla and Joomla extensions that do not require migration.  Joomla is one of the most secure website platforms available.  They provide regular security upgrades, and we provide them to you.
  • Hacker protection and recovery.  It is an unfortunate fact of the internet, that sometimes hackers do get through and attack websites.  If this ever happens to you, we ensure you are back up and running as fast as possible.
  • Email and phone support to help you and your organization.  When you're starting out, changing staff, or wanting to try something new, help is always just a phone call away.


What is the cost for the Basic Support Package?

  • $25 / month - Church and Nonprofit Rate
  • $40 / month - Business Rate


What if I don't want the Basic Support Package?

We do have some customers who feel comfortable doing regular backups and upgrades on their own and choose not to have email and phone support for website maintenance, so we also provide a Hosting Only Package that just includes domain management, website hosting up to 2 Gigabytes, and email.  Call (800) 380-9506 for our Hosting Only Rates.

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Trinity Web Hosting has been partnering with churches, non-profits, and small businesses since 2004.

We work with you to develop a professional, low cost website that meets your needs and requirements and is easy to manage and keep looking great!  

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Serving Edmonton, North America, and the World

Trinity Web Hosting serves customers throughout North America and the world from its location in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  

While most of our customers do come from the United States and Canada, we've also had opportunities to work with customers in Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.